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ESTELLE pearl cream is an especially formulated recipe which provides balanced pigmentation, even skin coloring, and reduced appearance of dark spots, freckles, and acne scars. It has a unique and non-greasy formula that is infused with herbal extracts. It contains licorice extracts, which are natural skin brightening agents and skin moisturizer balancers. This anti-pigmentation cream is also infused with L-ascorbic acid that protects the skin and accelerates the healing process. All these ingredients add a youthful radiance, moisturize, and hydrate your skin. Unlike regular skin-lightening fairness products, it uses sophisticated methods to boost fairness and glow naturally. Bearberry extract is a completely natural skin lightening ingredient found in the bearberry shrub which contains arbutin, a natural skin lightener and brightener. It makes the enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin inactive, providing you the benefits of hydroquinone such as lightening and brightening your skin tone while also correcting hyperpigmentation problems.  Kojic acid inhibits the over production of melanin in unevenly pigmented skin. This makes it a potent ally in brightening everything from freckles to melasma. Niacinamide actively reduces jagged pigmentation and age spots effectively lightening and soothing your skin. Niacinamide increases ceramide and fatty acid levels in skin effectively increasing hydration levels in your skin. This ensures you softer, smoother skin which is less prone to irritation. In the long term well hydrated skin ensures you firm and wrinkle free skin.

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