When you think of eczema, itchy, red, dry, scaly, or thickened skin may come to mind.

While that’s true for those with medium to darker skin tones, it may not be as obvious and can appear brown, purple, and ashen. Those with brown and Black skin also more commonly develop small bumps on the torso, arms, and legs.

Personalized Treatment Approach

Your Path to Relief

Skin Zone Pakistan offers a range of advanced treatments tailored to your specific needs. Our dermatologists consider factors like severity, type, and triggers when crafting your treatment plan. Topical corticosteroids, moisturizers, antihistamines, and phototherapy are among the options we utilize to manage eczema effectively.

This skin condition is common in children, but adults can get it too. In fact, according to the National Eczema Association, 10 percent of the population will develop the condition during their lifetime.

At Skin zone Clinic, we offer multiple treatments for all types of eczemas. Treatment has to be continued for life or on some cases where the cause of allergy is known, avoidance of the cause will give cure to the condition.

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